Interior Plantscaping and Maintenance Services by Frankly Foliage

Plants offer numerous benefits both indoors and outdoors. Plants have the ability to change a bland environment into a luscious and inviting space. Indoor plants make beautiful living walls or separations and can transform a space to a completely different one. Aside from their decorative elements, indoor plants can help improve air quality and create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere for your customers and employees.

The Plant Lady can install lush greenery and beautiful containers, or maintain the plants that you already have. My customized weekly service plan provides friendly and professional quality care. And I guarantee that I can keep your indoor plants happy and healthy or I will replace them for FREE! Frankly Foliage is full service, we come to your business and take care of your plants. I can make your workplace feel livable by installing live plants.

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To learn more about the various plant-care and installation services we offer to the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla areas, please contact us now!

I have known Lory Franks for several years. We met while we were both vendors at the Tower Inn in Richland (now The Clarion). Her business, Frankly Foliage, was an integral part of the perceptual change necessary to transform the public image of that hotel. Lory brought a lot of talent, hard work and gumption to the table. Our managers were also very pleased with her efforts.
- Bill Werner D&L Supply & Mfg